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Ask the Doc: The Shoulder Rules

Ask the Doc: The Shoulder Rules

PT Kyle Sela offers simple rules to help you care for your shoulder joint and optimize movement. Say yes to improved performance and no to unnecessary pain.

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What's the move of the month?FitAID for the first 3 correct guesses.

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5 and 6p class were busy! It felt good to coach today I miss everyone -Bryan #crossfitredding #wod #crossfit #eveyclasswasbusy

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Come Join Us Tomorrow Night At 6pm For Our FREE Nutrition Seminar!

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Quick muscle up clinic before Tabata fun. #welovefitness #crossfitvalleyview #losbanos

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Any CF Redding Teams? It is a great tune up before the Open.

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Happy Monday! #CrossFit #CrossFit580 #Family #Fitness #FitnessCommunityResults #CrossFitGirls #CrossFitGuys #Fun #Monday #InvictusProgramming #FitAid #KillCliff #Lululemon#livermore

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Back2SkooL #stcf #crossfit #constantlyvaried #southtahoecrossfit #neverquit

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We are gearing up to start our September Basic Training on Friday, the 2nd. If you are interested in a 4-week, bootcamp styled, beginner CrossFit course give us a call at 605-4661 or email us at The cost is $250 for 12 classes.

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A huge effort by Laura C, Ally D, EJ, and Coach Danny at the CrossFit NorthGate Throwdown this weekend. Congrats to Laura and Ally taking 2nd overall and EJ and Danny taking 3rd!

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Power Hour 8/29/16 Squat 1x1 at 80% Squat 1x1 at 90% Squat 1x1 at 95% Squat 1x1 at 100% Rest as needed between sets. ** Make sure you have a good spotter. If you fail an attempt go down 20# and finish out your sets at that weight. Asst: 15 min EMOM 2 Reps @ 80% Cash Out: 3 rounds 8 reverse hypers 10 barbell ab rollouts

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WOD: Monday 8/29/16 "Jackie" For time: Row, 1000 m 50 Thrusters, 45/35 lbs 30 Pull-ups

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CrossFit Excel in Action!

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If anyone has pictures or videos of the comp can you please tag us here? Thanks in advance!

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CrossFit Danville posted an article
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New WOD: For time: 5 Rope climbs 25 DB snatch, alternating 40#(25#) 25 Ab-mat sit-ups 4 Rope climbs 20 DB snatch, alternating 40#(25#) 20 Ab-mat sit-ups 3 Rope climbs 15 DB snatch, alternating 40#(25#) 15 Ab-mat sit-ups 2 Rope climbs 10 DB snatch, alternating 40#(25#) 10 Ab-mat sit-ups Post time to...... Click for more:

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Missing a few more in the pic, but what an amazing experience today! All of you represent Big Horn so well...with pride, guts, and determination. Till the next one, Spartan Warriors!

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Hey CrossFit Roots! The coaches are doing their part, now we need your help! Our very own Roots athletes Lance and Yasmeen have been nominated for a top 10 Craft Tequilas at Want to help them get the win? Please go to the link below and vote for them every day until Sept 12th. You’re allowed 1 vote per day! Here, the coaches are enjoying the Mountain Standard Suerte Margarita in Vail. How do you Suerte? @suertetequila @yasfleur75 #votesuerte #CrossFit #Boulder #tequila #suerte #suertetequila #followtherabbit #mountainstandard #vailcolorado #vail

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And so we have another Battle On Sunset comp in the books! I want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our event and to thank you all for the positive comments we received throughout the day! I also want to thank all of our volunteers. Today would never have gone as smooth as it did without your assistance. Shan and I are so blessed to have you all in our lives. As I always or out of the gym...we will always be ohana! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and again...mahalo from the bottom of my heart to all of you! Al

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Bon and Steve representing at the Battle on Sunset 3

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Good Luck to Team Crusty Snatches! Randy, Val, Doreen, and Scott are competing in the Fossil Games @bladiumcrossfit today! We know they're going to do great! Have fun!!!!

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Congratulations to Tami for not only graduating CrossFit Light but for making the decision to change her life and committing to doing so! She's made amazing gains and we know this is only the beginning. Keep it up girl! We are proud of you!

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Happy Saturday! We have a FREE class today and every Saturday at 10am. We even provide coffee ☕️ from @themoleculeeffect to give you an added pep in your step! See you soon! #coffee #Crossfit #perfectcombo #crossfitdeco

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In-house competition!

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S A T U R D A Y SCHEDULE • EVERY SATURDAY we offer a FREE class at 9 am! We encourage you all to invite your friends and family to come on by and try out our class! • Our classes run every hour on the hour: • 9:00 am- FREE and reg class 10:00 am- Regular class 11:00 am- OPEN gym • S U N D A Y SCHEDULE: • Open gym from 9 am - 11 am! • Come on in and get your workout in on a lovely Sunday morning, anything you want drop ins are always welcome (drop in fee is $20) #SweatSaturdays #FREEclass #BringYourFamAndFriends #TeamIAmCrossfit #GettingBetter #IACF #LetsGo #JoinTheIamFam #OpenGym #SundayFunday

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Not quite a perfect box jump... But she looks good doing it. #NationalDogDay #TopDog #Zoe X @jaylorenzo814 #mydadsthecoach #WODdog

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#HAPPYNATIONALDOGDAY to the guy that brightens up everyone's day as soon as they walk into the gym!❤️ we love you Murph! (Unless they see him for the first time then some get scared lmao) #pitbull #sweetheart #crossfitdog #startedfromthegroundsthough

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⠀⠀ PROGENEX RECOVERY: RESET YOUR “GO” SIGNAL ⠀⠀ The ultimate in post-workout recovery, delivering just what your muscles need after an intense and grueling workout to help them rebuild and recover quickly. Reset your “go” signal. Recover faster, stronger with PROGENEX Recovery. | Recommended Use: Post Workout

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August 27, 2016 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 Box Jump Overs #24/20 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Sumo DL High Pulls #115/80

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The box wouldn't be the same without our 4 legged members! Share a pic of your pup at CFW and tag @CrossFitWynwood in honor of #NationalDogDay! We want to repost all our beloved furry friends!! #DogDay #CrossFitWynwood #CrossFit #woof #miami #doglovers

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Drop by tomorrow at 11AM for our FREE community class! Tag a few friends to come try out a session at Soul. All skill and fitness levels are welcome. This Saturday class is always free!

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"And everyone will see Slimming Clubs for what they are... An addiction to starving and binging... An addiction to seeing a number week on week... An addiction that is breeding puffy, saggy, limp muscled bodies that may weigh less... for a while... but are probably less healthy than heavier, more muscular, more active bigger people." Come join CrossFit HD and we'll help you get in shape the right way for long lasting results and not just short term satisfaction. #CrossFit #CrossFitHD #BuildMuscleToBurnFat

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Today's Workout: Deadlift Technique . CONDITIONING 10:00 to find Heavy Single Deadlift + Rest 5:00 + 5 Rounds for Time 4 Deadlifts (65-70% of Heavy Single) 16 Over the Bar Burpees . #cfsoul #teamSOUL #crossfit

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Friday August 26th A. Find 1RM Strict Press - 8min B. Find 1RM Push Press - 8min B. For Time 6 Rounds 5 TnG Power Clean and Jerks @60-75% 6 Burpees 7 Chest to Bar Chin Ups (supinated grip) 200m Farmers carry 53/35 -Rest 60sec between rounds

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Friday August 26, 2016 A. Snatch pulls, 4 x 3 at tough weights but perfect reps B. Hang squat snatch + squat snatch, build to a tough set + For time: 15 power snatches, 95/65 15 box jumps 10 power snatches, 95/65 15 box jumps 5 power snatches, 95/65 15 box jumps

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No Excuses CrossFit's in-house competition, Hugo Open, draws largest group of athletes.

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Come give us a try, today! #crossfitsouthcobb #CFSCathletes

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This is why we do what we do. Carolina CrossFit is a family. #Repost @joanes_g with @repostapp ・・・ I want to give a shoutout to @ivan_sclivin for giving me the inspiration to be a more fit person, and @carolinacrossfit for encouraging me to follow through week after week. Now at week three I've lost 15 lbs, my squats are now at 275, my back pain is gone, my injured shoulder is stronger than its been in a decade, and I'm almost to my first goal of a full pull up. Thanks Ivan and the team at CCF.

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Hours for Open Gym tomorrow , Friday August 25 will be from 9am-1pm. Thanks!

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Skills session will take place again this Sunday from 1-2pm. We will start off with mobility work then work on those DOUBLE UNDERS.

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Happy birthday Coach Tim!

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Hero WOD Thursday - Rankel. Stay strong!

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North End CrossFit posted an article
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"Nasty Girls" 3RFT 50 Squats 7 MU 10 Hang Power Clean (135/95) *Compare to 17July13